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Since 2020 we have researched, written, and edited over 20,000 different types of projects on everything from apple picking to zebra management. And we’re just getting started. 

"OMG!! I'M BLOWN AWAY!! Thank you so much for making my thoughts, ideas, and words flow so beautifully! The length is perfect! I look forward to working with you more and more in the near future! ❤️❤️❤️"
SMB Marketing Agency

Just wanted to say great job! I have some more of these coming you way…Thank you!


This is excellent. Thank you so much. I received excellent feedback. I look forward to continuing to work with you!


Fantastic copy! We have had over 25 writers write for this brand, and not one has produced acceptable IG captions. Will be sending many more projects


Nicely done work overall…and thanks for the nicely done piece Brittani!


You guys rock! Thank you so much!

This Review is AWESOME! Really great piece! Great tone, great vocabulary, great research! I would love to work with her/him again!

I just read the post I had you write and it is EXCELLENT! Thank you so much for this service.


You guys are awesome! Sending another project!

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Easy, two, done!

Submit Your Project Brief

Our easy to use dashboard lets you quickly submit writing projects to Panda Copy. We eliminate back and forth by collecting all necessary information upfront. You can attach SEO keywords, length required, examples of copy, and words of encouragement. 

We Start to Hustle

This is the part of the process where you get to sit back and relax.  The Panda Copy writers will start working on your project with tender love and care. Your finished project will go through some Q&A, before we put a bow on it. 

Mission Success, let’s do it again!

Soon, you’ll have your fresh and amazing copy delivered to your inbox. Problems? Something doesn’t feel right? Our superhero panda writers will make it right, with unlimited revisions – usually next day.  Then we’ll start all over again, with the next project. 

Hurry, this FLASH SALE is a Limited Time Offer!

Naturally, you have some questions.

You can bet your bamboo this is real. We were sick of constantly being left in the dark with bad writers for our clients and teams. So, we created Panda Copy. 

There are plenty of large “content farms,” or “marketplaces” that already  exist – we get it. But, after using these services for many years ourselves, what you get is what you pay for.

Finding a high quality and reliable writer is difficult at best.  Our model is completely different. 

All of our writers are 1099 and W2 employees – so chances are you’ll be working with the same team members on each request. We believe this helps increase the quality of our results, ultimately keeping us accountable to win your business each and every month.

We also believe our fixed monthly price is much easier for agencies and marketing teams to account for with the finance teams because there are no variable costs associated with word length, expertise, etc.,

Absolutely Not. We believe these tools are not quite ready for primetime, and they currently do not provide a great user experience without sacrificing quality. All of your copy written through Panda Copy is handcrafted by a subject matter expert, edited, and QA’d before being delivered to you. 

Yes. You can submit an unlimited number of projects, and we’ll get to them as soon as we can. Once a project is completed, we’ll move on to the next one in your list. We’ll go as fast as we can, but we’re humans – not super hero pandas. If you have a sudden need for additional content we offer boost packages inside your account. 

We can write about pretty much anything except very technical or advanced topics. But that doesn’t mean we don’t research!  We’re a team made up of writers – not rocket scientists or brain surgeons. For complex or overly difficult projects, we will let you know up front if we have any questions or feel free to give us a shout and ask. 

When you submit a copy request we attack it as soon as we humanly can get to it. We strive to get your project back to you within 1-2 business days, depending on complexity or the amount of work you have requested.

For example, if you request a 3,000 word blog post you can expect this project to take about 3-4 business days. If you have urgent or deadline focused work, please make a note of it, though we cannot guarantee meeting deadlines.

Please note: We do not offer any SLAs or turnaround guarantees. We believe that all of our customers deserve well crafted copy, so this sometimes takes us a bit more time. Rest assured – we have capacity to handle your requests promptly!

Just like you, our Panda’s  need some R&R. Our team writes and regularly delivers content Monday-Friday. Panda Copy is closed on Saturday and Sunday as well as major US Holidays. Don’t worry! You can still submit projects at any time, and we’ll work on them as soon as possible. 

Yes. When requesting a blog post or some other piece of copy, we ask for the keywords you would like inserted into the copy for SEO purposes. Additionally, you can provide specific instructions or formatting as part of our intake. 

You can add an unlimited number of projects to your queue, and we will work through them sequentially. For larger demands, we recommend the professional plan so that we can tackle two (or more) projects at once. An active project is completed piece of copy or work. 

If you’re unhappy with the copy we create, we will make an unlimited number of revisions to get it absolutely perfect. Don’t worry – you won’t hurt our feelings :). Our intuitive request process eliminates most issues upfront because we collect all the required information to make sure we nail it on the first go-around. 

We have team members all across the world. Most of our staff are native English speakers, and all copy goes through a proofreading and editing process before being passed to you by native English speakers/writers in the US and UK. 

Yes!  CopyScape Premium is built in our editing and quality process so that you can be confident the copy receive from Panda Copy is original and only yours. 

On Premium or Professional plans, we can work inside your SurferSEO and Frase account. Simply provide us the link of your outline. We will try our best to get a high SEO score per each tool, but will put readability above a perfect ranking.  

If you need more content than what our standard plans offer, we have several upgrade options for existing accounts – simply reach out or upgrade inside your account area!

At this time we do not offer a free trial.  We are real people  who put time and passion into every project. By charging up front, we eliminate a lot of customers who have no intention of staying with us. If you’re not happy with our service,  we  offer unlimited revisions as part of each package. And if you’re still not happy, we provide a 30 day money back guarantee.

We make it easy to actually use all of the content we create. Each project is automatically exported into .docx, .txt, or HTML files, so that you can use it anywhere. 

The sub accounts feature allows you to set up multiple accounts under one parent account. Think of it as additional log-ins for your team. A sub account does not give you multiple project queues or increase your daily output.

Yes! Opening a second account is a great way to manage content needs for multiple brands if you need to keep billing separate. Each account will have its own daily limit and project queue.

Try us out for 30 days. If you are not happy, just let us know. We’ll do everything to keep your business, but ultimately if you’re not satisfied we’ll refund your entire month – no hard feelings.

Great! Feel free to email us:

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