About Panda Copy

Ah yes…the obligatory “about us,” section.  We *really* don’t like talking about ourselves because we believe our reputation is based upon what our customers think.

Here it goes anyway…

We got our start in 2020, the year the world decided to fall apart. But don’t let our young age scare you away. The team behind Panda Copy has been in the internet marketing industry for over 15 years – working in some of the most competitive digital industries.
One key problem we kept discovering no matter size or budget: Finding great copywriters to create content was a major pain in the rear. Flaky schedules, poor writing, or just missing the boat entirely.

Something needed to be done!

And if that wasn’t the most obvious set up for a reason to create a business…it was this very reason we gave birth to our Panda Copy brand.

Meet The Panda Team

Nikki - Sr. Writer

Nikki believes that writing and learning come hand in hand, so she dedicates her time researching to write great pieces especially when an interesting topic captures her attention.

Jamy - Sr. Writer

Jamy enjoys creating marketing content and has worked with global brands like Babyganics and Hoegaarden.

Vincent R. - Writer

Vincent has always had a passion for writing. From creating stories to crafting compelling worlds, he believes writing is one of the best ways for us to connect.

Katherine - Editor

Katherine ensures all of our copy meets our client's standards. She's been writing and editing all types of copy for years.

Zach - Founder

Known internally as, "Bossman Panda," Zach has been working in digital marketing for over 15 years.

Rachel - Editor

Rachel is an avid writer with a background in journalism. She enjoys crafting copy for all kinds of niches.

Rei - Writer

Rei is a coffee-guzzling, sugar-munching home bug. If she's not reading and writing, she's drawing and waiting for the mothership to take her back home.

Greg - Writer

Greg is a writer by day and a reader by night. He enjoys learning new things and believes that going outside of your comfort zone is a step towards achieving your dreams.

Kaitlyn - Editor

Kaitlyn is such a nerd for reading that she picked a whole career around it: editing! Her other interests include being an advocate for the Oxford comma and letting her cats boss her around.

Vince - Writer

This panda started writing because he kept tripping over words. When a teacher encouraged his skills, he kept going. Now, written communication is his main method.

Korrine - Writer

Korrine grew up with a passion for writing and has spent most of her life working with clients who need different types of content. She writes a wide variety of topics online while trying to be the best fur parent to her husky poodle mixed dog.

Pia - Writer

AI - Writer

Dino - Writer

Camilla - Project Coordinator

Krizia - Writer

Ian - Editor

CHelsea - Writer

Dino - Writer

Lauren - Writer


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