About Panda Copy

Ah yes…the obligatory “about us,” section.  We *really* don’t like talking about ourselves because we believe our reputation is based upon what our customers think.

Here it goes anyway…

We got our start in 2020, the year the world decided to fall apart. But don’t let our young age scare you away. The team behind Panda Copy has been in the internet marketing industry for over 15 years – working in some of the most competitive digital industries.
One key problem we kept discovering no matter size or budget: Finding great copywriters to create content was a major pain in the rear. Flaky schedules, poor writing, or just missing the boat entirely.

Something needed to be done!

And if that wasn’t the most obvious set up for a reason to create a business…it was this very reason we gave birth to our Panda Copy brand.

Your Panda Copy Team

The Panda Copy team is a tight group of bamboo obsessed people, working as writers, editors, and customer success specialists. 

We have only one mission: Make our customers happy by creating kick-butt content, each and every time. 

Because of our small team size, we’re able to get to know our customer’s needs and turnaround content quickly and efficiently.

When you reach out to Panda Copy, here's who you're talking to:

Picture of Katherine


Managing Editor
Maine, USA
Panda since 2020

Picture of Kaitlyn


Senior Editor
Texas, USA
Panda since 2021

Picture of Rachel


London, UK
Panda since 2021

Picture of Lizzy


Texas, USA
Panda since 2022

Currently Open Positions: