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Are AI Writers Worth it? (The Honest Answer)

Are you wondering if it’s time to start using an automatic AI content writer to create your content? Before you consider giving control of your content creation to the machines, we have our own opinions on this new technology, which will help you decide for yourself if it’s worth using artificial intelligence writers.

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What is AI Writing?

Over the past couple of years there has been an explosion in new companies popping up on the internet claiming to use AI or Artificial Intelligence to speed up or entirely take over all of your content creation.

These tools claim that they can help you write anything and everything by simply pushing a button. The promise sounds great – stop writing and have a machine take over in only seconds.

Many of these companies claim that agencies like Panda Copy  are expensive and will go out of business.

But here’s a secret that these companies don’t want you to know…

All of these AI companies use the same technology, called OpenAI.

The latest version of this software, GPT-3, makes it really easy to get answers from a bot.

How exactly GPT-3 works is very advanced, and it’s a topic that we won’t cover here (because…science!)

But we do want to cover the basics about this topic, since we often get this question if AI is worth it.

What content can I get from AI?

Companies using OpenAI can ask a variety of questions and receive answers quickly.

Open AI can do things like translate between languages, convert a movie into Emoji, convert programming languages from one to another,  create restaurant reviews, and much more.

And yes, it can even generate content like blog posts and ad content. Here’s a few of the content generation examples you can use with Open AI:


This means that if you subscribe to an AI copywriting service, you could ask it to create a 1,000 blog post on how much bamboo a panda eats each day.

And within a few moments, you’d get something that resembles a content you could post.


Is AI Written Content Good For SEO?

We strongly believe that AI written content is bad for SEO.

In fact, at Panda Copy we have a strict no AI content writing policy!

Short-term, you might be able to rank your piece of content that is written by an AI content writer.

But long-term, the results will not be good for you, your company, or your investment, because AI is simply using its library of knowledge. There isn’t any new thought or unique viewpoints being put into the content creation.

This also means there is no critical thinking, unique viewpoints, or fact checking.

Instead, AI writers simply regurgitates existing content, and for folks that have been in the SEO industry for a while, this might sound familiar: It’s known as spun content

Spun content is simply taking different articles already ranking for specific keywords, and meshing it together in hopes that it ranks higher than your competition.

Google’s ranking algorithm has gone through hundreds, if not thousands, of updates to sniff out and eliminate spun content.

Do you want to trust your investment in content creation to be eliminated with an update?

AI Written Content is Bad For Your Users

Have you ever read content that is written by an AI machine? It’s not…quite…right.

Here’s an example.

At, here is a sample project. I asked the tool to create a blog intro about the 5 reasons to use an AI copywriter. blog content creator

Here are the 6 real results for what we received after it’s “magic” happened:

Ai copywriters have the capacity to handle multiple clients, compose highly engaging and satisfying texts across various industries and are generally better at writing than people are. Here are the 5 reasons to use AI copywriters when writing content for your business.

I thought it was pretty funny, so I shared it with my friends. Seriously though, this post is all about the reasons why you’d want to use an AI copywriter. Check it out.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to write content like a boss, but have it sound like the voice of a professional copywriter?

Are you struggling to write content that your customers will love? That doesn’t seem like an impossibility at all, does it? But as you often get stuck thinking about how to write something that can please your customers, you forget to focus on your business and its future. And that is a mistake. It is important for you to understand that the role of your copywriter is not just about writing any type of content but creating content with the needs and desires of your target market in mind.

Copywriters are an integral part of the process when it comes to writing content for business or blogs.

Only humans are capable of creating that elusive quality: emotional appeal.

As you can see, the generated copy just doesn’t feel right.

It doesn’t answer the question, and in some cases the results are totally unrelated. More likely than not it will take you more time to fix up the content than just writing it yourself from the start.

Can the AI written content generate some ideas for you? Sure.

Can the AI written content help you think of ways to reword content? Sure.

Can the AI written content write content you’d be proud of? No way!

If you are paying to have content created, your goal is probably to increase traffic and make money from achieving higher rankings.

If you’re simply spitting out content that already exists, you won’t have any thought leadership. You won’t have any unique or original ideas.

That’s why AI written content is bad for your users.

Is content different from each AI writer company?

More likely than not your content will be very similar from all of the AI writing companies.

Since all of the tools are simply rebranding the same technology, what you receive will more likely than not be similar from company to company.

Longterm this means that each company will be racing to the bottom on pricing.

What is AI copywriting good for?

The only time we suggest using AI for copywriting is to help with content outlining and creating briefs for SEO focused articles.

Outlines provided by tools such as SurferSEO and Frase  help writers with structuring their content.

These tools use the existing search results for a provided keyword and help tell the author how long the content should be, major sections to include,  which keywords to include, number of images to insert, and more.

But, they still require a competent writer to craft content that makes sense and provides value!

Larger SEO agencies have taken notice, and at Panda Copy on our Premium Plans and higher we support the use of these tools for our clients.

What is the future of AI copywriting tools?

Of course there will be many advances in the future of GPT-3, so we expect all the AI tools to evolve and create better pieces of content.

They will get smarter, sound more human, and eventually it might be hard to tell if you’re reading content written by machine or human.

But, until AI can truly start to think for itself, the future of copywriting is still a very human, manual, and passion driven practice.

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