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Are AI Text Generators Worth it? (The Honest Answer)

Updated May 5, 2023

Are you wondering if it’s time to start using an AI text generator to create your content? AI technology has advanced in leaps and bounds recently, and it’s true that it can speed up the writing process by a lot.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by all the hype, though. While AI text generators like ChatGPT and Jarvis are good and seemingly getting better every day, they can’t replace human writers and editors just yet. If you’ve been reading the news on AI, you’ll know that there have been numerous instances of AI having “hallucinations” and straight up making things up. AI is also notoriously terrible at telling convincing stories that create favorable emotional responses from people.

AI isn’t useless or dangerous tech though, if used correctly. Keep reading to learn more about AI text generators and how you can safely incorporate this technology into your writing process.

What is AI writing?

Tons of new companies have cropped up in recent months claiming to use AI to speed up or entirely take over all of your content creation needs. With the push of a button, you can have all your writing work completed, error free and ready to publish. The promise sounds great — but when something sounds too good to believe, it’s because it probably isn’t true.

With a little digging, you’ll find that these companies still have quite a bit of staff working behind the scenes for both research before text generation and editing after. Why? Because AI text generators are just a tool to speed things up.

Here’s a super brief overview of how they work:

  • You do research to figure out what topic to write about, determine your audience, kind your keywords, etc. You can use an AI text generator to help with this research, but you still have to do some legwork here to get the information you need.
  • You create a prompt for the AI text generator to work from and it will collect information and text from the internet and synthesize “new” copy from existing text. You can feed the AI generator sample writing to help with tone and writing style.
  • You edit the copy together into a fluid sounding piece, cut out any repetition (AI text is notoriously repetitious), and fact check the content. You can ask the text generator to provide its sources to help with fact checking.

As you can see, there’s still quite a lot of human work to be done even if the actual writing process takes a fraction of the time it normally would for a human writer.

What content can I get from AI?

AI can do things like translate between languages, convert a movie into Emoji, convert programming languages from one to another,  create restaurant reviews, and much more.

And yes, it can even generate content like blog posts and ad content. This means that if you subscribe to an AI copywriting service, you could ask it to create a 1,000-word blog post on how much bamboo a panda eats each day. And within a few moments, you’d get something that resembles content you could publish.


While AI will get you close to publishing-ready content, you should still read through and edit everything that comes out of a text generator. It’s also good to do some research ahead of time so the prompt you give the AI text generator is robust enough to create content that isn’t too thin or repetitious.

Is AI written content good for SEO?

Search engines have changed their stance on AI writing and now do not penalize websites for using AI text — as long as it’s helpful and not spammy.

Initially, search engines like Google and Bing had taken stances against AI text generation. However, now that search engines are incorporating this tech and usage of AI is booming, they have adjusted their stances to be more accepting.

Now, like in the past, search engine ranking is meant to be a reflection of how authoritative the source of the content is and how helpful or trustworthy it is for readers. Think about it — if a major company started letting their writers use AI to write their articles, would you trust them less? The same team is researching and editing the content, so the information is still passing through hands you trust, it’s just getting written a lot faster.

Is AI written content bad for your users?

Any writing can be bad for your users if it isn’t actually helpful or truthful. If you use careless prompts and don’t fact check or edit the text you get from an AI text generator, then yeah. That content will be bad for your users. Readers will be able to tell it’s not great and it may even contain information that is flat out wrong.

There is no harm in using AI text generators to help you write, though. AI can help you come up with ideas or get started when you have writer’s block. At the end of the day, your readers won’t care if you used AI to help you write more content or to avoid burnout so you can write better and more passionately. On the other hand, your readers will care if you take shortcuts like trying to use an AI text generator to completely skip the writing process.

How can I use AI text generators to scale my copywriting needs?

As stated earlier in this post, there is still quite a bit of human work to be done before and after using an AI text generator. If you have large-scale copywriting needs or simply want a trustworthy source of AI generated content, consider hiring a service that was kicking butt at writing content before AI became everyone’s favorite buzz word.

Designed for agencies who don’t want to hire in-house or work with freelancers, Panda Copy can produce large quantities of consistent content while providing excellent service — and all for one flat monthly rate.

Get the same team agencies have trusted with their copy needs for the past three years, now supercharged and more efficient than ever with the help of AI writing tools.

Here’s how Panda Copy works:

  1. Submit a project request from their user-friendly dashboard.
  2. A project manager will review your request and reach out with any questions. If everything is good to go, Panda Copy will get to work on your project queue.
  3. Panda Copy writers research and use AI to help them write. Then an editor edits, fact checks, and tests for plagiarism. When the copy is ready, you get an email notification and the writers get started on the next project in your queue.
  4. You review the copy and send any feedback you have. If you need revisions, they’re often completed the next day at no extra cost.

Not sold yet? Panda Copy offers a discounted one week trial so you can test out their service before committing. Visit to learn more and sign up today. It’s that easy. With Panda Copy, you can truly use AI to get great copy with just a few clicks.

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