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Content Cucumber vs. Word Agents vs. Panda Copy

Are you looking for a copywriting service that will help your business stand out in today’s cut-throat competition? You’ve come to the right place.

We created a comparison article for some of the industry’s best copywriting companies to look at their services side-by-side in terms of features, ease of use, pricing, and more.

By the end of this post, you’ll have a better feel for Content Cucumber, Word Agents, and Panda Copy, and be able to decide which can help your company stand out without breaking the bank.

Comparison Chart

Before we dive into the finer details, here’s a quick chart that compares each of the services:

The Three Competitors in a Nutshell

Content Cucumber

Content Cucumber provides trained writers to companies with the goal of having them write for all your projects. You also get a designated team who will learn everything they need to know about your brand, so they can tailor content just for you.

The Content Cucumber team ensures that all their articles are written using the best practices for SEO, which can help you increase customer engagement, boost your organic traffic, and build your brand’s authority.

Word Agents

Word Agents is an agency that can help you get in touch with writers who can deliver premium, SEO-friendly content. With more than 200 content writers based in the U.S., they can produce tons of website copy, blog posts, product descriptions, and more.

You can get extensive research needed to come up with the right keywords, along with up to two revisions upon request, to ensure that you’re happy with your content before it hits the web.

Panda Copy

In just over two years, Panda Copy has amassed a wide range of clients due to their low monthly flat rates, unlimited project submissions and revision requests, and excellent copywriting services. Founded by a marketer who knows the pains of getting great copy consistently, Panda Copy’s goal is to make this task easy.

The Panda Copy team can write anything from blogs and website copy to social media content, ads, eBooks, and more. Because they provide a wide range of features and benefits, they have quickly become the preferred choice for many startups and larger businesses.

Content Cucumber vs. Word Agents vs. Panda Copy: Detailed Comparison

Let’s take a deeper look into each content writing service to compare the best features they offer and see what sets them apart from each other.


In this category, we’ll compare the features that each content writing company has to offer and how you can benefit from each.

Content Cucumber Features

This U.S.-based company consists of freelancers that provide plenty of copywriting services such as:

  • Email newsletters
  • Long and short form blogs
  • Creative copy
  • And more

Content Cucumber aims to provide customers with content that informs, entertains, and inspires, which is why their platform has been built to give you access to thousands of writers across the world. With such a large pool of writers, you’re sure to find one that is a good fit for your business.

Since all of their writers are based in the U.S., you’ll get copy from native English speakers who work in the same time zone as you. Plus, they offer turnaround times of around one to two business days while providing multiple logins for your account if someone else needs to manage projects for you.

Many reviews have pointed to the well-written and carefully-proofed articles they have received from Content Cucumber, where there were little to no grammatical errors or typos. You can be confident that their blogs are ready to be published once submitted, with the exception of further SEO edits.

Word Agents Features

There are plenty of reasons why customers have chosen to work with Word Agents. As its name suggests, this company works as an agency that helps customers find the perfect writer for their needs.

Here are just a few features that Word Agents offers:

  • Caters to various types of content
  • Only hires experienced writers
  • Are experts in SEO
  • Provides hands-on services
  • Offers bulk discounts
  • And more

All Word Agents writers are located in the U.S., are experienced, and have a proven record of success. The agency is responsible for training its writers to become SEO experts, which means that your content will rank well. Editing for two revisions is included as a standard part of their service, so you can be sure to get things dialed in before publishing.

Word Agents make it a point to deliver work to their clients within a period of seven days — a decent turnaround time within the industry. Because of these features and more, the company has been a go-to choice for both small and bigger companies alike.

Panda Copy Features

Panda Copy offers unlimited project requests, unlimited revisions, and a user-friendly dashboard to make managing your account a breeze. Not only is their copy consistent in quality, but they also provide quick turnaround times of as fast as 24 to 48 hours depending on project length and plan selection.

Quality content and excellent service are what Panda Copy does best, so it’s no wonder their customers tend to be loyal and stick around for a long time. They understand the value of consistent tone and voice, so you can even request a dedicated team of writers for all your projects.

Furthering their dedication to providing top-notch service, you get a dedicated project manager who will ensure they get everything they need from you, including the following:

  • The topic you wish to write about
  • The kind of content you’re looking to write about
  • Word count
  • Specific keywords or phrases
  • Sources of inspiration
  • Your preferences
  • And more

Panda Copy can produce high-quality copy, product reviews, blog posts, press releases, and more. At a fixed monthly price for unlimited requests and revisions, they’re hard to beat.

Ease of Use

Here, we discuss just how user-friendly these platforms are in terms of getting started with projects and getting feedback on works in progress.

Content Cucumber Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, Content Cucumber has an edge over other choices since they offer a full-task management system, which is used to collaborate with writers, organize files, and submit revision requests or feedback. As a result, this solution offers an effective alternative to hiring full-time writers or paying a freelancer on a per word basis.

Unfortunately, Content Cucumber doesn’t offer SEO research, so you’ll have to come up with your own strategy that you can have their team implement.

When you provide an outline, they’ll use it to make sure their work follows your standards, making editing much easier when you get your copy. For most users, Content Cucumber provides a smooth and easy way to get well-researched content that saves them from having to do any of the heavy lifting themselves.

Word Agents Ease of Use

Many will agree that Word Agents is also simple to use since their staff can provide 24/7 support to every customer no matter when they encounter problems or have questions.

During your copywriting process, this company provides a simple and user-friendly way to order and receive your customized content. After you select a package, you will provide them with thorough instructions to help them write copy that achieves your goals.

You will get an assigned writer to work on your orders, along with an experienced editor to go through the blogs before submitting them to you. Thanks to their quick and easy process, you’re in control of all your orders — you can also make requests for revisions, so you don’t have to fix any mistakes on your own time.

Panda Copy Ease of Use

Unlike the choices before it, Panda Copy provides customers with an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to quickly submit and manage your writing projects.

From their dashboard, you can provide details specific to your project, including the following:

  • Titles
  • Content outlines
  • SEO keywords
  • Required length
  • Tone and voice
  • Reference materials
  • Other instructions
  • And more

Thanks to their intuitive system, communicating your needs and requesting updates or revisions is no trouble at all. Whether you missed a vital piece of information or looking to make a change, you can count on the team to be ready to help, providing you with a collaborative experience.


Price is probably the most important factor for startups and companies on a budget. There is a clear winner in this category — and it may surprise you.

Content Cucumber Pricing

Content Cucumber offers three plans to choose from, starting with their “Seed” plan at $449 per month. The Seed plan gets you 100 words/day, a dedicated writer, and unlimited requests.

The tier above that is called “Sprout” and comes with 200 words per business day for all your projects at $825 a month. This plan allows you to meet with your writer and includes premium images. Their biggest package is called “Bloom” which is $1,650 per month and provides everything you get from Sprout along with access to a Slack channel. For this plan, their writers will generate 400 words per day.

Word Agents Pricing

Word Agents offers a range of plans to suit most budgets. While their services will cost more compared to freelance platforms, they justify this by providing top talent right at your fingertips.

You can expect to spend anywhere between $0.06 to $0.07 a word depending on how many words you need for your order. Keep in mind that the final price will depend on how much research is needed, along with the difficulty of your topic as well as other considerations.

To give you an idea of how much you might need to shell out, here’s a breakdown of their plans:

  • Bronze: $70 which works out to $0.07/word for a total of 1000 words
  • Silver: $1,300 which works out to $.0.065/word for a total of 20,000 words
  • Gold: $3,600 which works out to $0.06/word for a total of 60,000 words
  • Platinum: $5,500 which works out to $0.055/word for 100,000+ words

While they have one of the lowest introductory prices on the market, their prices have a steep curve, and anything beyond 1,000 words can get expensive very quickly.

Panda Copy Pricing

Compared to the other two choices, Panda Copy’s pricing is both easy to understand and affordable. They offer three plans that can cater to any budget:

  • Essentials: For $499 a month, you can make unlimited project requests and get unlimited revisions to ensure that each piece is exactly the way you want it. On this plan, you can get a writer to finish around 400 words per business day with a one to two day turnaround time depending on project size. You also have the advantage of canceling anytime, so there are no contract commitments.
  • Premium: The perfect option for startups, this plan provides you with 750 words per business day along with all of the advantages of the Essentials plan for $749 per month. The Premium plan also includes options such as Surfer SEO/Frase Support, stock images, and two sub-accounts.
  • Professional: The ultimate solution for marketing agencies, Panda Copy’s Professional plan is just $949 each month. You get everything the Premium plan has to offer along with five sub-accounts and 1,000 words completed each business day.

Each plan listed above has a trial week option for new signups, so you can get a feel for their service before committing to a full month.

If you need more than 1,000 words per business day, Panda Copy offers larger plan upgrades to existing customers and custom plan options. To make things even easier, billing can be monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Wrapping Up

If you’re still unsure of which content writing platform to choose, consider why you’re looking to hire a copywriting agency to begin with. Did you get burned by a few too many freelancers? Maybe you’re tired of inconsistent work or having to negotiate pricing for each project.

If you’re looking to work with a service designed specifically to make writing large volumes of copy easy, then the answer is clear. Stop haggling with shady freelancers and give Panda Copy a try. Their easy monthly pricing takes the hassle out of budgeting, their dashboard allows you to seamlessly manage everything in one place, and you’ll get quality service and copy for every project. Plus, they also offer everything that you can get from both Content Cucumber and Word Agents, so go get started with Panda Copy today!

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