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Feb 2023 Update: New Project File Formats!


It’s been a awhile since I posted on Panda Copy, but I wanted to offer an update which I think know customers will appreciate 🥹.

One of the secrets to our rapid success (now helping over 1,000 customers since 2020) with our kick-butt copywriting agency is that I make sure to eat my own dog-food with other projects I’m working on.

When Panda Copy first started, customers were satisfied to get .docx files for their content projects.  While we sometimes get requests to use a Google Doc, this was the exception, not the norm.

I believe this was AOK because it avoided the dreaded “need permissions,” back and forth that can spoil turn around times, but also many of our clients still wanted to add their own edits to projects before publishing.

And frankly, this was OK for us at Panda Copy, because it was easier for our team to set up permissions, revisions, and keep a consistent workflow.

So, that’s how we worked for the last (3!) years…

But in order to keep earning your business month after month, I know that we needed to improve the experience for more types of customers.

I’ll save you the development details, but I’m happy to announce…

In addition to .docx files, every single Panda Copy project now includes .txt and html formatted files!

You can grab copies of these file formats inside the project completed email. They are sent as a attachments too.

While we’ve made this as simple for you as possible, there has been significant work behind the scenes to make this happen.

If you have other ideas to better improve the Panda Copy experience, we’re all ears :). Simply contact Panda Copy and let us know what’s on your mind.

We read each and every response, and I’m committed to making PC the best agency you’ve worked with.




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