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How Does the Turnaround Time Work?

At Panda Copy, we know that the timely delivery of your projects is important to your own business and schedule. That’s why we built our service to focus on quick turnaround times.

Here’s some information on how our 1-2 business day turnaround time works:

  • Panda Copy only produces and edits copy Monday to Friday. We also take companywide vacations on major US holidays.
  • We have a 4pm EST cut-off time each weekday, which is when we schedule all of our projects to be worked on the following day.
  • Pro Tip: If you need something completed on a FRIDAY you need to ensure it gets in before 4pm Thursday

With this in mind, you’re probably asking, “how long will my projects take?”

Unfortunately, there is not a straight answer or formula. Here’s why.

Unlike website traffic and rankings, copy projects are subjective and have many variables.

Some topics are easy, some are more difficult. Some projects need lots of research, others are rewrites. Some writers are faster and slower than others.

A 500-word blog post on a certain topic is much different than a 3,500 word buyers guide on something else.

First things first: Panda Copy does not guarantee any sort of turnaround time or maintain service level guarantees.

Creating any sort of copy, whether it’s a blog post, Facebook ad, or press release takes time, energy, and effort.

We allocate resources as best we can daily. With our new project queuing feature, you can easily tell us which project to work on next.

Panda Copy DOES work to constantly adjust the team size to grow with our clients. If we notice projects or editors are starting to slip, we’ll add more folks as soon as we can.

Second things….second: Panda Copy is NOT a content mill. If you’re looking for the cheapest prices and most content, we’re not a fit.

Okay, so…how long will my project take?

We queue up and work on your projects based upon desired word-count and the plan you selected. Let’s create and use some real-world examples:

Scenario 1: Essentials Plan Customer
Request: Blog Post – 1,000 words
Submit Time: Tuesday at 5pm EST

In this scenario, we would schedule the work to be started on Thursday because the cutoff point has already been passed. Because of the length of this post, a 1,000-word blog post, you should expect this to be completed and delivered on Friday.

Scenario 2: Essentials Plan Customer
Request: Buyers Guide – 3,500 words
Submit Time: Tuesday at 2pm EST

In this scenario, we would schedule the work to be started on Wednesday. Because 3,500 words is quite a large project and will take some additional time for research, you should expect this copy to be delivered in about 7 business days. It would most likely be delivered by Thursday the following week, but might be a bit before.

Scenario 3: Professional Plan Customer

Request: Buyers Guide – 3,500 words
Submit Time: Tuesday at 2pm EST

In the same scenario as above, only upgrading to the professional plan, you should expect this to be completed by Monday of the following week, but we’ll try and squeeze it in before the weekend.

There you have it! We hope that this helps explain how we are able to separate out out tiers of service, while consistently providing an amazing experience for each of our customers.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us by contacting Panda Copy.

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