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Awesome New Customer Dashboard

You asked, and we listened!

Today we are happy to announce some HUGE enhanced changes to the customer area of Panda Copy!

First, some background.

Despite looking simple on the front, Panda Copy is a pretty complex WordPress website.

We use various out-of-the-box functionality of several popular plugins to handle everything from customer registration, payment processing, and project submission, and assignments.

This allowed us to get up and running FAST, but instantly showed limitations with our unique business model.

As we’ve onboarded over 100 customers in the last 6 months, we took feedback and created major updates that will help our clients utilize our platform.

Let’s take a tour of the changes!


Easily Prioritize and Relentlessly Reprioritize Projects

Now when we schedule projects for our Panda’s writer team to work on, we’ll take into account your priorities. Easily drag and drop for us to understand what to work on next.

This is perfect for agencies or customers who might have a backlog of projects for us to work on.

Duplicate, Edit, and Close Projects

Now you can easily duplicate an existing project for us to work on. Great for social media posts, standardized blog posts, etc.,

Communicate and Chat – Easily

Now it’s easier than ever to provide feedback, rewrite requests and details for us at Panda Copy with a revised look and feel with our messaging system.

Brand Standards, Standard

For all you marketing nerds out there, we’ve also taken some time to ensure that the look and feel throughout the interface is much more Panda-like. Buttons, fonts, sizes won’t feel so out of place.

We hope you like these changes! We’ve spent a lot of time (and money) to ensure these enhancements will help make our customer’s Panda experience better than ever!

As always, if your a customer and have ideas on how to enhance, please drop us an email! We’d love to learn what more we can do.

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