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Why You Need Copywriting to Promote Your Business

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when you’re marketing your business, you need both. Snapping a few pictures can be easy. Just pull out your phone, take a few shots, and you’re done. Writing some words to go with those pictures doesn’t always come as easily, though.

You need words that send your message, evoke an emotional response from the reader, and drive them to take action — come to your restaurant, buy your product, book an appointment, or simply “click here.” And this isn’t a one and done kind of thing either. You need solid, strategic messaging for all your marketing channels and across everything you do for as long as you’re in business.

The solution is simple: learn how to write good copy for your business. Copywriting is an entire sub-field of marketing filled with industry experts backed by decades of research. There are even proven methods and formulas for writing successful copy.

If you’re responsible for marketing your business, you should be able to identify good copy when you see it and know why it’s good, but you don’t have to become an expert to market your business — you can hire a copywriting service to do the heavy lifting for you.

Keep reading for a deeper look into how copywriting will help you market your business and how you can hire a copywriting service to get all the benefits of a copywriting specialist without having to become one yourself.

Why Your Business Needs Copywriting Services

Your written content is like your voice, so it needs to be representative of who your company is at a deep level, and it needs to be consistent. Imagine if you opened your mouth to speak and someone else’s voice came out. It would be really weird. You need to make sure your company doesn’t seem this way to your customers.

If you’re not a writer, accurately translating your voice into words is pretty challenging. Think about how often well intended text messages and emails get misunderstood. There’s an art and science to working with words. Trained copywriters will know craft compelling copy that gets the job done without causing confusion or misunderstandings.

Probably the biggest benefit of hiring a copywriting service is that you can get great copy for your business without having to spend time becoming a copywriting expert yourself. You can put together a project brief and send it off to an experienced writer to do the rest.

How Copywriters Can Help You Promote Your Business

Here are some of the top ways copywriters can help your business.

They Can Understand Your Niche

Have you ever met someone who was like a walking encyclopedia and when asked how they know so much, they just shrug and say they read a lot? Many copywriters are just like this. When you write for a living, you read more than most people do on average, and you learn about all kinds of things.

Professional copywriters have a good base of knowledge in a pretty wide range of topics. This knowledge base allows them to jump in with two feet, do some supplemental research, and come out on the other side sounding like an expert. Combined with your guidance and true expertise, they can create copy for your business that resonates with your customers.

As you work with the same writer or team of writers over time, their knowledge of your niche and business will deepen, allowing them to build on previous content and create increasingly better copy.

They Create Valuable and Informative Content

In marketing, each sentence serves a purpose — hook your readers, provide useful information, entice someone to make a purchase. All the words matter. People will notice if you’re just writing repetitive fluff and wasting their time. So don’t! Professional writers have the skills to assess copy for its effectiveness and make sure each sentence is there for a reason.

Being concise and organized in the way you present information is especially helpful in blogs and website copy, where a customer may spend time reading information from several different pages. Experienced copywriters can make sure you’re not repeating yourself across website pages and blog posts so readers don’t get frustrated and feel like they’re wasting their time.

They Can Help Build Your Brand Image

Your brand image is how people see your company. Think back to any movie about high school — are you the jock, the brain, the rebel? Even if you don’t think about your business this way, your customers do and it can affect how they choose to spend money with you.

A professional copywriter can use different tones and writing styles to build and enforce the image you want to project to your customers. Your brand is what sets you apart from your competitors and your customers can become very attached to it if it resonates with them.

Since your messaging and content are your company’s voice, you need to make sure that voice is always saying something “on brand.” Creating this consistent voice builds trust with customers and helps them fall in love with your brand.

Promote Your Business with Panda Copy

If you’re still reading at this point, you’re probably asking, “ok, so how do I hire a copywriter?” You have three options. You can hire someone in-house as an employee, which is the most expensive option, but great if you can afford it. You can hire a freelancer, which is often the most flexible option, but comes with a lot of downsides and is often a short-term solution. Or you can hire a copywriting service, like Panda Copy.

Working with Panda Copy gets you into that sweet spot between hiring in-house and working with a freelancer. Get the consistency and professionalism of having your own copywriter along with similar flexibility to working with a freelancer, but with predictable pricing and none of the flakiness or overhead costs of adding an employee.

Panda Copy is one-stop-shop that can provide you with all the different services you need, including:

  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Landing pages
  • Website content
  • Email campaigns
  • Sales copy
  • And more

Panda Copy offers all these services and more for a monthly flat to make budgeting easy. With no contracts, you can cancel any time or scale your plan up or down to meet your changing needs.

If something isn’t right, revisions are always unlimited and do not cost extra.

Here’s a quick step-by-step on how you can get started with Panda Copy today:

  1. Go to and sign up for a trial week of the plan tier that best fits your needs.
  2. Create your first project requests from the user-friendly dashboard. A project manager will reach out if there are any questions about your project requests.
  3. The Panda Copy writers and editors will begin working on the first project in your queue. Once it’s ready, you will receive an email notification and the team will get started on your next project.
  4. Review your completed project and submit any feedback or revision requests while you wait for your next project to be completed.

And that’s it!

Panda Copy can provide you with a solution for all your content needs, delivering consistent, high-quality content for a fraction of the cost. Get polished, ready-to-publish content for as low as $49 today with Panda Copy.

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