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FatJoe vs. The Hoth vs. Panda Copy 

It’s become harder than ever for businesses to flourish without breaking the bank. Luckily, there are many services that can provide you with organic traffic, help your business become more visible online, and boost your ranking in search engines.

Let’s compare three of the biggest players in the game of content writing: FatJoe, The Hoth, and Panda Copy. Below, we’ll help you find the best content writing service for your needs while breaking down the various features they offer and provide a detailed comparison between each option.

FatJoe vs. The Hoth vs. Panda Copy Comparison Chart

Before we dive into the finer details, here’s a quick chart that compares each service:

FatJoe  The Hoth Panda Copy
Platforms Supported SaaS SaaS SaaS
Support  Business Hours
Online Business Hours
Pricing  Depends on your requirements Depends on your requirements As low as $499 a month
Ratings  4 Stars 4.6 Stars 4.8 Stars
Training  None Documentation Documentation
Live Online
Category Content writing Content writing Content writing
Company Details Founded: 2012

United Kingdom

Founded: 2010

United States

Founded: 2020

United States


The Three Competitors in a Nutshell


FatJoe has been around for over ten years. It’s a content marketing and SEO agency mainly created to help other agencies and businesses build links and get better content. Their white label services make their content a great fit for SEO agencies who want to use their own logo to resell content to their clients.

Clients get an easily accessible dashboard where they can track and manage their orders. In addition, they provide live chat support in addition to email and phone customer support services for client inquiries.

The Hoth

The Hoth is short for “Hit’em Over the Head” and is another veteran in the industry. This SEO agency offers businesses the chance to have someone else manage their brand’s SEO tools, Google Ad campaigns, and online presence.

Ghostwriters are available to generate backlinks or create blog posts. This service also provides access to a logo maker tool and various SEO tools. Just like FatJoe, The Hoth offers white label services so agencies can resell products and services to their own customers.

Panda Copy

Panda Copy is the new kid in the block but has already amassed a wide range of clients due to our flat monthly subscriptions, unlimited content requests and revisions, and focus on providing a great service. I created this company personally to help companies turn their marketing ideas into reality by providing a team of kick-butt writers and taking the hassle out of working with freelancers.

Our team can write anything from blogs to social media content and press releases. Because we  provide everything at just one flat rate, we’ve quickly become the preferred choice for many startups and medium-sized businesses.

FatJoe vs. The Hoth vs. Panda Copy: Detailed Comparison

Let’s take a closer look at each of these content writing services to compare their best features and see what sets them apart.


In this category, we’ll compare the features that each content writing company has to offer and see how you may benefit from each the most.

FatJoe Features

Blogger outreach is one of FatJoe’s areas of expertise, making their link-building services one of their best features. Because they only target high-quality websites, you can avoid penalties and negative effects for search engine rankings that could come from linking to low-quality websites.

You’ll also get the power to choose the level of Domain Authority (DA) for every site you want to target, and you can switch up the length of your articles to make your links more natural-looking. While these services can get expensive, you can choose a plan ahead of time, making it easy to stick to your budget.

Offering clients a wide range of SEO services, FatJoe mostly caters to agencies and consultants with a focus on ranking. Apart from their premium link-building services, FatJoe can also produce the following:

  • Press releases
  • Local citations
  • Content writing
  • Infographic creation

If you’re looking for copywriting services, FatJoe offers competitively priced writing packages for educational articles, blogs, reviews, website copy, and press releases. To get started, simply choose the kind of content you need written, set a word count, and provide details like:

  • Target audience
  • Title or concept
  • Keywords or phrases
  • Writing style

The Hoth Features

The Hoth is known for its SEO management services, where they offer agencies and business owners access to various services and tools. This means that you can have a wide range of resources at your fingertips, including web designers, SEO specialists, and ghostwriters.

With these resources, you can easily and effectively boost your online visibility. Another thing that The Hoth is known for is being budget-friendly, depending on how much work you need them to do, making them a great choice if you’re just getting started with SEO.

Other great features:

  • Blog creation on autopilot: Depending on your needs, you can provide their writers with basic details to write anything you need.
  • Managing your website’s SEO or pay-per-click ad campaigns: The Hoth’s team of SEO specialists can manage your SEO and ad campaigns for you, along with a web designer who will provide custom landing pages for your website.
  • And more: They can assist with other services such as website optimization, reputation management, and video production, making them a jack of all trades.

The Hoth’s link placement services are an essential part of their “Foundation” package, which is one of their most popular offerings. Much like FatJoe, you order backlinks by getting a writer to create a guest post within an already existing blog. Within this guest post, you can choose to link back to your website with the specific anchor text you want for each link.

Finally, The Hoth offers two plans to choose from, known as “Standard English” or “Premium English,” which we will discuss in more detail below.

Panda Copy Features

While the two options above may seem to have it all, they don’t offer specialized services. Rather than be a jack of all trades (and a master of none), Panda Copy is a service that specializes in creating copy. Customers can get consistently good copy, delivered at regular intervals throughout the month for one flat rate.

Because the team focuses mainly on two things — delivering great content and improving your SEO — Panda Copy has become a master at its craft. Feedback is applied to future projects and your comments and questions are handled with care.

You’ll also get a dedicated project manager who will ensure that all details are ironed out before they start writing, including the following:

  • The topic you wish to write about
  • The type of project
  • Word count
  • Keywords or phrases
  • Sources of inspiration
  • Preferences
  • And more

Their unparalleled focus on copywriting sets them apart from their competitors, who seem to have a little bit of everything but are lacking when it comes to content creation. As a result, Panda Copy is able to produce high-quality copy, product reviews, blog posts, press releases, and more.

The standout feature that Panda Copy provides — which isn’t available elsewhere — is that they offer an unlimited number of revisions, along with editing and proofreading. To top it off, they also offer a fixed monthly price that is simply unbeatable.

Ease of Use

Here, we discuss just how user-friendly these platforms are.

FatJoe Ease of Use

Many businesses feel that blogger outreach and link-building activities are time-intensive, so FatJoe decided to fix that by offering a smooth dashboard that streamlines the whole process. Placing your order is quite simple; all you need to do is choose the number of placements needed, choose the length of your content, and provide them with anchor text.

FatJoe recommends varying the quality and length of placements to get great results. Orders can be placed and managed through their dashboard, where their pricing is based on content length.

Overall, FatJoe is easy to navigate and use, and clients have praised its user-friendly system which can take in and process multiple projects at any given time. You can also request revisions on your content once you receive it; however, there is a certain time frame for this, and revisions will not be available after that time has passed.

The Hoth Ease of Use

Clients find that The Hoth is extremely easy to use, which is a big part of why people like their service. To get started, all you have to do is provide them with your website URL.

The Hoth makes it easy to provide them with titles, content outlines, and keywords for blog posts as well as anchor text for backlinks, giving you more control over the content you want produced. You’ll also enjoy using their simple and straightforward dashboard, which allows for quick review of your orders in the history tab.

The dashboard is where you’ll see a collection of the ads they ran for you, links that were created, and the results you gained from them. This tool can provide a great advantage for those who aren’t familiar with SEO, as they can track whether their campaigns are paying off and providing the results they need.

Panda Copy Ease of Use

Just like the others, Panda Copy provides customers with an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to quickly submit your writing projects. Because of their intuitive system, you won’t have to do much back and forth. Just provide all of the project details needed and leave the rest to them.

From their dashboard, you can provide details specific to your project, including the following:

  • Titles
  • Content outlines
  • SEO keywords
  • Required length
  • Copy examples
  • Reference materials
  • Other various instructions

Many clients have saved so much time having an expert translate their thoughts into a well-written and polished piece thanks to this system.

Additionally, Panda Copy is known for its constant communication, which means nothing is missed.

Whether you left out a vital piece of information or are looking to get a revision done, you can count on the team to respond quickly, providing you with a collaborative experience. As a result, most clients find their work done for them without ever having to lift a finger.


For startups and those on a budget; pricing is king. And in this category, there is a clear winner.

FatJoe Pricing

FatJoe isn’t the strongest option when it comes to pricing. As mentioned, their wide range of services are attractive to everyone, but they mainly work with established agencies and SEO consultants because of how much they cost. For DA 10+ websites, their link-building services start at $60 and can climb higher depending on your needs — and that’s just for starters.

DA 20+ sites will set you back $90 while DA 30+ websites will cost a whopping $120. Keep in mind that these prices are just for their link-building services. FatJoe has separate prices for all of their services, which means you’ll find different prices when it comes to the following:

  • Niche edits: Between $73 to $438
  • Local business citations: Around $48 to $121
  • Press releases: $115
  • Infographic outreach: Between $42 to $85
  • Outreach boost: $91
  • Content writing: $18 for “Basic” and $48 for “Pro”
  • Infographic design: Between $36 to as much as $346

In other words, depending on how much you need to get done, you may end up paying a lot more for FatJoe’s services compared to others.

The Hoth Pricing

Compared to the option above, The Hoth’s pricing is a bit more straightforward, but not exactly inviting either. How much you spend will depend on the services you need. For their link-building services, you can expect to choose between their three packages, known as “Foundations,” which are:

  • Small: This will get you six backlinks for $60.
  • Medium: This will cost you $200 for 32 site links spread out across four blogs.
  • Large: This will set you back $250 for 48 links with eight blogs spread across 32 posts.

There’s an option to upgrade your plan to use “Premium English.” You can also look into their HothPPC services, which provides managed ad campaigns on Google. This will cost $500 and has a $1,000 minimum ad buy.

Additionally, The Hoth offers their fully managed SEO services, called “Hoth X.” To get started, you’ll need to pay $500 a month along with a $250 setup fee. For this setup, they will provide you with the following:

  • Competition analysis
  • Keyword research
  • $500 worth of link building
  • Content services
  • Custom strategy for your business

While it might be a bit more affordable, The Hoth isn’t a very start-up friendly option either.

Panda Copy Pricing

Panda Copy was made with startups in mind, so their pricing solutions are very easy to understand and afford. They offer three plans to choose from based on your budget and delivery needs:

  • Essentials: For $499 a month, you can get unlimited copy requests for your blog or business. You also get to have unlimited revisions to ensure that each piece is exactly the way you want it. Under this plan, you can get a writer to finish around 400 words per business day. You also have the advantage of canceling anytime, so there are no contract commitments. The turnaround time can be as little as one to two days depending on project length.
  • Premium: The perfect option for startups, this plan provides you with 750 words per business day along with all of the advantages of the Essentials plan for $749 per month. It also comes with more options such as Surfer SEO/Frase Support, stock images, and two sub-accounts.
  • Professional: The ultimate solution for marketing agencies, Panda Copy’s Professional plan costs $949 each month. With it, you can get everything the Premium plan has to offer along with five sub-accounts and 1,000 words completed each business day.

For customers who need more, Panda Copy offers more flexible options and custom plans. In addition to writing plans, they also have editing only plans and pay per project options.

FatJoe vs. The Hoth vs. Panda Copy: Conclusion

Are you still wondering which platform you should use? There is one obvious winner when it comes to pricing, but the answer will ultimately depend on your business’s needs and preferences.

If you’re looking for a team of dedicated writers who are knowledgeable in SEO and provide affordable content writing services, the winner is Panda Copy. For link-building and other needs, FatJoe and The Hoth are great options. The choice is yours!

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